I always knew how to be responsible

by Anonymous

October 18, 2021

I had an abortion. In fact I had two, many years apart and always for the same reasons, was I strong enough to go through those nine months plus forever? Did I have the money to feed and care for a child? No.  I am not having a child I cannot feed.

Both were vacuum aspiration procedures done in the first trimester. Both times the man involved knew and respected my decision.

I did the right thing but I hate how you have to think hard about who is safe to talk to. I told my  half sisters. I thought they needed to know a choice was possible. That it did not mean you were a bad person. I could not tell my mother.  She would tell everyone and cause trouble. So I could not tell my only brother since he would tell mom. After twenty-five years, she died and I could finally tell him.

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