Hypermesis Led to abortion

by Anonymous

June 12, 2019

When i am 21 years old i had a first miscarriage, couldn’t get over it and pregnant 6 months later, had a pregnancy complication called hyperemesis gradivarum (HG) but i overcome it. after 1 year plus which my toddler is around 1.5 years old i became pregnant again. We wanted to keep this child because this pregnancy was planned. however HG is so bad that during week 4 i was hospitalized. endure till week 11 and i couldn’t function like normal people and couldn’t take care of my little daughter. hence my husband and i decided to go for abortion. after surgery was done , i felt like a normal person again i could eat and drink and gain my weight back. i never felt so relief in my life before. few months later i got pregnant again, i was diagnosed with HG again but it’s not as bad as the previous one and of course my little daughter is now 2 years old hardly needs my care and attention now, which i can be prepared to fight for HG for this current baby. i couldn’t be more thankful that i chose to go for abortion for my previous child because HG leads to many things i couldn’t do i could have lost my job and time and health which leads to a unhealthy baby .

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