Hard Decision

by Anonymous

September 14, 2021

Having an abortion was not an easy thing to do, well at least not for me.  I was “in love” and going to college on a full scholarship  when I became pregnant.  College was something I never thought could be a reality for me as I came from a single family home, relying on the welfare system to survive  and we didn’t have the money to make ends meet let alone  be able to afford  college.  I wanted a different life than the one I had growing up. I wanted a life without worrying if electric would get turned off or if we had enough food to eat.  When I became pregnant and then realized the father was not going to be involved, I had a choice to make.  It was a hard choice, but I didn’t want to raise a child alone and struggle like my mother did.  I saw the pain, I felt that pain.  I didn’t want my child to have that pain.  Life is not always great and can be difficult.  I made the choice to have an abortion to save my child from the painful childhood I experienced and I did not want to repeat a dysfunctional cycle.

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