Hard choice still can have pain

by Randy

June 24, 2021

In 2014 I made the choice to get an abortion with my boyfriend at the time now husband. We were not ready to have kids – he just joined the navy and I just got accepted to college. 2 weeks after I got my abortion I found out I had ovarian cancer, I thought I took away my only chance of ever having kids.  If I never had that procedure and they didn’t tell me to go follow up with my normal OB afterwards I would’ve probably never knew I had cancer. I’ve never been ashamed of my choice in fact I’ve embraced it because of our past we have now led down this road of where we are and we are incredibly happy.

For about a year or two after it was hard. I was very hard on myself; I let the things people said get to me. Now I don’t care what people say anymore. To this day it was still the right choice! And everybody says you can’t grieve but you can! Just because something is the right choice does not mean it doesn’t have pain, and you can grow so much from pain! We got to choose when we wanted to start our family and I’m so happy that we made that choice and that choice was available. We now have two little girls and I will stand by them if they ever want to make this difficult choice. I’m not ashamed and I will talk openly to them about it.


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