Hard Choice Made Simple

by Lorraine

February 28, 2022

To begin, abortion is difficult and a hard choice for many. I had some hesitation but the choice was made clearer once as I actually went to the clinic. I was recently diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, for which I was hospitalized in October 2021. I was in no mental state to deal with the hormonal changes or other stress that comes with pregnancy. In addition, I am in my 5th year of college along with my boyfriend (the only possible father). We are not in a good place, situationally, emotionally, financially, or have the time to care for a child or give birth. I personally have never wanted to bring another kid into this world either. I want to adopt and can’t bring myself to put a kid into the adoption system. (No judgement to those who choose to. It is also difficult and I respect that you are doing what is best for your child and yourself.)

My boyfriend (who strongly believes that it is the woman’s choice and who also preferred I get an abortion) drove me to the clinic but could not go in with me due to covid protocols. I was very nervous and had to have clinic escorts get me through a couple of highly aggressive protestors. The clinic staff were patient, kind, and clearly explained everything to me.

The ultrasound and blood tests clarified my choice. My blood type is negative. The fetus was positive. Medication is needed to prevent antibodies from attacking each other. They gave me the vaccine, but the ultrasound showed I was 14 weeks pregnant – we thought I was 9… Because I was delayed in getting the vaccine, there was a higher risk of birth defects and stillborn. In addition, I had been drinking prior to finding out. I knew there was potentially a couple overlapping days, but this meant there were potentially weeks. It was looking more and more like my pregnancy would not be healthy.

With all of this, my decision really did become solidified. I messaged my bf throughout the appointment so he was aware of the new news. Luckily, he shared the same concerns as me.

I’m so luck to have a partner that is so supportive – especially since my family would not be (we chose to keep it between us for now). I know not everyone has that support and my heart goes out to you. If ever I can be the person to sit with someone through their procedure, I will.

I don’t regret my abortion and I know these choices will allow me to continue to put myself in a position where I can eventually adopt and care for a kid that needs it.

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