Had an abortion today

by Gwen

February 26, 2021

I never felt quite comfortable with the idea of being pregnant. But I really wanted to have a child with my boyfriend so we decided to go for it. My first pregnancy was an ectopic pregnancy, which was very painful and had me in hospital for a day during the pandemic but went away naturally pretty fast. A year later I got pregnant again, with a lot of doubt and fear of what to come but also excitement for our future together.

Unfortunately I had a lot of complications early on and decided I wasn’t going to carry this pregnancy to term. It was just too painful. I am happy to be living in a city with at least two abortion clinics within 30min by public transport of my flat and the funds to pay for it. Today I had the appointment, my boyfriend brought me there, my mother brought me home afterwards and my friends are all so supportive. The abortion was entirely uneventful under narcosis and for me so much less stressful than the two prior weeks of pregnancy. Already the pregnancy hormones are wearing off and I can eat again with minimal nausea. An early abortion is really a routine medical procedure, I wish all the best to all those undergoing it in the future. <3

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