I went into a women’s clinic to see why I missed my period, and did not expect to find out I was pregnant.

I immediately was confident in my personal decision and knew what my resolution would be within seconds. I acknowledge my blessing of being fertile, being able to get pregnant, being able to have choices presented to me in that moment, to have a supportive partner who understood that this decision was mine to make, having the option available, not having to be forced to birth a human being into the world that I would not have been financially or mentally prepared to provided with the beautiful life and care that baby would require from me. I acknowledge my privilege of being in New York, where I have a right to take ownership of my body and future without protest. My heart only ached knowing that in another state, there is someone who needs to spend money out of pocket to travel to receive this care because it is illegal to do what you need to do for your own life, body and future.

In so many ways, I am full of gratitude for my circumstance – and confident knowing that when I am ready to bring life into this world – that will ALSO be my personal choice to do so and proceed onward. And that would not be possible, had I not made the decision I did today. My future thanks me.