Grateful for my abortion

by DiAna

March 16, 2021

I became pregnant and I had access to an abortion through my health care provider in California. Despite feeling very scared and anxious, my experience was incredibly positive, and I am grateful I had the option available to me because I was 23 and not ready to be a parent. I had the medical procedure and was given a lot of information and cared for, with my doctor ensuring that the choice was truly my own. I felt really cared for and loved, especially since I had kept the abortion to myself it felt like I had small community I could share this experience with rather than holding it alone. Providing pregnant people with the opportunity to CHOOSE what is right for them is incredibly important. Many of the things I have accomplished since getting my abortion I don’t think could have done with a child to care for. Now when I am ready to have a child I will be able to care for them with all the resources they deserve because I have had time to establish myself.

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