Glad and relieved .

by Anonymous

October 25, 2021

When I was 19 I wanted to fit in with the party scene at the beach and I wound up knocked up. My first and final decision was to abort. I went for a pregnancy test because I was very nauseous. I didn’t want any kids and I was too young. I found an ad in the phone book and the county wound up paying for it. Thank you county! I arrived at a small women’s  hospital and there were several other women in the same predicament. They stuck a huge needle in my arm to draw blood. Ouch! That hurt. I was wheeled into a room on a gurney with several others waiting their turn for the OR. I awoke and I was wheeled into a recovery room full of others. I laughed a little from the general anesthetic.

After a while, I was discharged. I went home and slept for a hour and a half. I don’t usually take naps. I just put on my robe and stayed in for the day. The next day I was amazed! It was as if nothing had happened! I was expecting to be dopey and in pain for the next few days but I felt nothing ! No nausea, no pain or dopiness. My life had returned to me. I thanked the good Democrats for making this possible. It is so important to have clean, quick, and safe abortions.

Thank God there were no pro life “pain in the neck ” protesters at the hospital. If you find yourself pregnant, I’d say, tell no one and just get the abortion and be done with it, because, you might be harangued and pressured by a bunch of nosey people. I have never felt regret or guilt. If anyone tells you that abortion is gross or tries showing you pictures of aborted fetuses, tell them that every kind of operation is gross to look at. Would you like to look at someone’s removed liver ? Thank you Supreme Court for saving me! God Bless RBG !

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