Getting back control

by Abi

July 1, 2021

Content Warning: rape

When I was 25 I got pregnant by a man who raped me. At the time I did not think it was rape. I thought it was making love. He told me he had a vasectomy and because I adored him I never questioned it. Why would I? When I got a positive pregnancy test I was so puzzled and he continued to deceive me explaining how he too did not know how the vasectomy had not worked. For me a decision to have an abortion was easy. I thought I had taken all the precautions to not be in this situation. Little did I know. When I found out later (from his partner I knew nothing about) that he had never had a vasectomy in the first place I was eternally grateful for my abortion. In lying to me he took away my choices and my decision. He did not have my consent for what he did. Coming to terms with the idea this was rape was hard. But my abortion was a way that I gained back control of my body. It was also a way I could escape the bond of a man who hurt me in so many ways.

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