Get you a man who actually gives a sh*t about you

by Anonymous

June 23, 2020

I had an abortion when I got pregnant with a verbal and emotional abuser. For almost four years I had thought I’d spend my life with this man, but when I found out I was pregnant, after several months of the relationship deteriorating, I was inconsolable and sobbed for hours. The next day I tried to apologize for my reaction and try to talk about keeping the baby (for some reason I still wanted things to work with him), and he looked at me and said 2 things I’ll never forget: I ruined finding out he was a father for him, and he could not imagine having a child with someone who had reacted the way I did. I got my abortion, and he didn’t come with me or show hardly any support. I finally left him a few months later, and I’m so happy not to be pregnant with his child during a pandemic.

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