I had just had a miscarriage the prior month, would have been an abortion if my body hadn’t done so, when I was faced again with a positive pregnancy test. Back to back pregnancies- yes protection was used (not that it’s anyone’s business!! -unsafe sex or multiple abortions do not make me or anyone a “bad” person). So I had spent my entire last quarter of college pregnant to some extent! I was pissed off. At that point, I just wanted myself back.


I went to my local PP where I was met with the most kind and easy care despite my wild scenario which reminded me how profoundly normal abortion is. Abortion is such a personal experience, and it makes my skin crawl at the idea of another person having control over my body in that exam room. I went home and started the process. As the thunderstorm outside started, my first cramps began hitting and it felt like the rain was made just for me. The process was uneventful. I ordered pizza and watched movies while my partner gave me support. I felt like for me, it would be this life changing and traumatic event but really, it was another Tuesday night plus pizza.


I was really scared of what the pain would be like having read stories online but my little sister, my sole confidant aside from my partner, said simply, “it’s nothing you can’t handle” and it gave me the nerve to take the second pills. If I can give anyone advice, it’s to be scared and do it anyways. For yourself and your future, and as my sister said, it’s nothing you can’t handle.


So I did it and, a week later, I walked across the stage and graduated college. It’s been a month since then and I know for certain I’m going to do amazing things. I’m gonna love and explore and live life fully over the next few years. I’m also gonna be a fucking awesome mom one day when I’m ready. How’s that for a fuck you, SCOTUS??