From a mum of 2 young children

by Anonymous

August 16, 2021

Dearest SYA community,

I wanted to thank you guys for doing such an amazing job. Every night I come onto your website to read some stories that will allow me to heal and overcome this tremendous guilt that I have been carrying around for almost two years. You have saved me a lot of money on therapy!

While I am on your website I try to find stories that are not about women whose contraception have failed but of women who come from stable relationships with children and yet have abortions.

I was on the pill for over 10 years and after giving birth to my two beautiful children I decided to give my body a break. I wish my husband was a bit more responsible, I wish I didn’t miscalculate my ovulation day and had taken the morning after pill. I wish I had the courage, support and sound mental health to carry on with my third pregnancy.

So many wishes but I know I can’t change anything except my attitude. Reading stories by other mothers help so thank you so much for creating this platform where we can share our stories.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!