Forgiving myself

by Anonymous

February 3, 2020

Today would have been the due date for me, and it was hard, but I realised it was a hundred percent the right decision. Before I always thought I never wanted kids so I was pretty shocked when I saw that positive sign. I was living over seas when I found out, after telling my then boyfriend he moved to the other side of the country and completely blocked my phone number to avoid what was going on. I was very late in the pregnancy by the time I made it back to my home country and after a lot of psyching myself up I told my family who were the most supportive people I could have asked for, an absolute blessing. They stuck by me through the entire thing. My ex messaged me after eight months saying some horrible things which only solidified my choice, I feel I was protecting my child from my financial state, mental state, housing situation and who the father would have been. I wouldn’t have been what was needed. I have started the healing process, I just got accepted to university and am currently working out most days, I brought myself the car which I dreamed of and have started saving money again for further travel. I’m feeling probably the best mentally and physically I have felt in a long time. I realised one day I do want children and one day it will be the right time. The healing takes time, but you have to start somewhere, your decisions are always valid and you have every right to the most beautiful life you can have ❤❤

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