For the love of the child

by KF

January 31, 2020

My partner and I had an abortion a little over a year ago. I had always wanted to have children but my partner has a genetic disorder they don’t want to pass on. We had actually already been talking about getting a vasectomy when we got pregnant. We were in our mid 30’s with stable well paying jobs, a house we owned, and a heart for children, but we refused to allow a child to grow up in pain and discomfort as my partner had. Choosing to have an abortion was, for me, the first and last decision I made as a mother. We chose to go to Planned Parenthood and they were great at offering us options and supporting our decision. As I was sitting with the first pill to start the chemical abortion in my hand, obviously struggling to put it to my mouth and crying, the clinician reminded me that we could choose another route or do it another day. I swallowed, took a deep breath, and took the pill knowing we were doing the right thing. I have never regretted our decision, because although it wasn’t an easy decision to make it was a decision made out of love.

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