For my daughters and my sake, I couldn’t have another…

by Anonymous

October 18, 2018

Content Warning: abuse

I was in a 6 year relationship at the time, my daughter just turned one. He was an alcoholic, abusive, controlling, and manipulative. I was on the pill, took it religiously. I even had an alarm on my phone that said “take pill or (baby emoji)”. I noticed I was late for my period, didn’t think anything of it because why would I?  I took the pill like I was supposed to. I started to show symptoms, and so I decided to take a test. It was positive. I cried, cried, and cried some more. I couldn’t have another baby with him. It would be 10x harder to leave! So I went to the clinic and was early enough to take misoprostol. The day I went through with it, I remember sobbing. Having no one to go to, it was to be kept hush hush.  But after it all, it was done. I went on with focusing on my daughter and 2 years later I managed to escape the relationship. I am happily in a new relationship and we are stable, we are safe, and I will never forget the kind nurses who walked me through the process at the clinic.

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