I was 19 when I had my abortion. I live in the UK so (very fortunately) could access the healthcare I needed without much issue, other than the emotional strain of doing it alone.

I cried and cried when I took my pregnancy test. I was 99% sure I was pregnant before it due to the debilitating nausea I’d suffered for weeks.

I opted for a medical abortion at home and planned not to tell anyone, maybe pass it off as a painful period. My mum found out, of course, as it was happening. Through the tears from the pain I screamed at her to leave me alone and please stop talking about it please please please.

The only feeling remaining after my abortion was honestly relief. I also hold some shame about not hating the man who got me pregnant – after all, him not thinking about protection surely shows something about his character, right? I didn’t bring up using it either. He’s apologized many times about what I went through. He begged me to let him support me during the abortion, etc., but I still feel weird about it sometimes.

Anyway, I hope this might help anyone with similar feelings.