Far from Home

by Anonymous

January 4, 2023

I was 19 years old, living on the other side of the world, and in love. We were happy and I thought that, one day, I’d like to have kids with him. That one day came too soon. After a broken condom I went to a clinic for the morning after pill. At the time I didn’t know that it only stops ovulation, but if you’ve already ovulated it’s ineffective. 2 weeks later I sat staring at 2 little red lines. I thought maybe I would conflicted, but I wasn’t. All I wanted was to not be pregnant. I had more to do, I had been partying, I was too young, I wasn’t at home, he was going traveling for 18 months. Too many reasons to not have a baby. I called my best friend back home and begged her to “fix it”. She made me an appointment for when I was back home. I thank God everyday that I live in Canada, where my 6 week 6 day pregnancy was aborted for free, with no pressure or push back. I’m now 10 years married, to another man, and we have 3 beautiful kids. I never regretted my decision.

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