Failed IUD

by Nadia

April 17, 2023

After years of trying to find the right form of birth control for myself, I finally found an IUD (non hormonal) that worked for me. I wore it for 2.5 years until I discovered it in my underwear. It had come out by itself. I was bummed that it had come out. But I was close to getting my period and the last time I had sex was more than 2 weeks ago, so I wasn’t worried about pregnancy. My period is pretty spot on, but not this time. I’m thinking maybe it’s because of the lost IUD? I’m getting worried so I ordered pregnancy tests just to calm down my mind, still believing a pregnancy was almost impossible. Well, the test came back positive and also explained why I had been feeling off- tender breasts, low energy, night sweats…

Right now, I am a couple hours away from taking the second set of pills to end the pregnancy. I saw a doctor yesterday, and the whole experience was so amazing it made me cry. I didn’t feel judged, everything was very neutral, and the staff seemed caring and non judgemental. I would get asked for consent such as “would you like to know how far along you are?”. The ultrasound was hidden from me. The women working in the health center were amazing!!

This was my second abortion. My first abortion was a complete nightmare (ruptured condom, failed plan B) and landed me in the emergency room with sepsis. I lived in a state where abortion is very hard to come by. The female doctor was extremely rude and tried to make me reconsider by showing me the pregnancy on the ultrasound, and making a scene because “it’s monocygotic twins!! Did you know that??” She just overall made me feel like I was less than for even being in her office. It was right before Christmas, and she told me I wouldn’t be able to get a follow-up ultrasound until the new year. Turns out the medicated abortion was incomplete (I believe I was at 6.5 weeks, extreme nausea) and I had to go to the emergency room with sepsis. It still makes me so angry how I was treated by this doctor. I was at my lowest and really needed help.



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