I had an abortion in 2021.

It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made, but I know now it was the right one. I have two children, and I have always wanted a third when the time was right. After falling into my heroin addiction, and coming out of it on the other side not only alive, but with a renewed sense of life, meeting someone and restarting life in general, I was more than surprised to see the two blue lines. It meant birth control had failed ( user error I’m sure).

My partner reacted poorly. At one point even giving me the choice: continue the pregnancy or continue building a life with him and my girls. I did not feel the excitement I had with my first two and it troubled me. I did ultimately decide the abortion was the right path for me. Not because I wanted to stay with a man who would give me an ultimatum like that, but because I was still too new into my sobriety and the life I was rebuilding from ashes.

I know, for me, it was the best decision but somedays, even now, I still grieve it. I am sad and angry all at once, sometimes even bitter and resentful. But the life I have now would not have progressed had I not had my abortion. I now get to work with women of all ages to help them make the best decision for them, and when my states trigger law banned abortion, I helped get them out of state for there abortions if they so choose, and was the support on the other side when they were ready.

My abortion changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined. And as torn as I may feel emotionally even now, I know that it was the best choice for me.