by Anonymous

July 27, 2020

After my first abortion I was angry and I pulled away from my family. I told myself that my boyfriend was the only one to know what I was going through and that it would be just us who would deal with it.

Weeks afterwards mum and I were arguing and I couldn’t keep the secret or the shame in anymore, as I was leaving getting into the car I screamed at her, “I had an abortion.” It didn’t feel liberating.

I haven’t told my family that I’ve had a second abortion with the same partner (who I’m not with anymore). I don’t think they need to know that I let myself fall into that situation again. I am so glad I had the second abortion medically, rather than surgically (like the first). It was the last week that I could possibly have it. It was the most physical pain I have ever been in. I was able to finally convince my boyfriend it was his idea we were breaking up. I don’t need to tell my family about the second abortion. Knowing the reason I could escape him is all I need.

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