by Anonymous

June 4, 2019

My story.

How could I have gotten myself into this? I never thought this would happen to me?

The day I found out I was pregnant was one of the hardest in my life. I felt completely lost, and I could physically feel my life stop. I was only in High School. I had been a part of cheer,  I was really involved in HS. All of the things I did have one thing in common. They wouldn’t want a pregnant girl to be a part of what they stood for. I could already hear people calling me a slut and disgusting. No one would look at me the same. I know because I used to be the same way. In reality, a lot of high schoolers have sex. Everyone is risking this possibility. But when a girl gets pregnant that means she’s easy, a whore, and for me a baby killer. I know most of the people who called me the last one would also be the ones calling me the first ones. No matter what, when a girl is in this situation there is always going to be a negative impact. This is why it is so important that they have a say what they do with their body. No matter what, the choice is going to have a lasting impact.

I was lucky enough to have a supportive boyfriend. His mother and my parents were also there every step. My dad made it clear that he didn’t want me to go through with it, but he said it was my choice either way. During the process I never saw him much he never went to the endless hospital trips with us or appointments. I can understand though and I don’t blame him. It was hard for us all to watch. It was a nightmare that I couldn’t get away from. The first time I stepped in to PP, the first thing I did was look around. Who else was going through the same thing I was? I wanted to cry. How could I have gotten myself into this? I never thought this would happen to me?

The staff at PP was supportive, understanding, and so incredibly nice. They talked me through everything and helped me through the hardest point in my life. Im forever grateful for all they’ve done.💕

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