Easy Medical Abortion

by Haley

December 15, 2020

For anyone worried about the medical (pill) abortion, here’s my story: It wasn’t bad. It was a pretty easy process and really self-explanatory. I took the ibuprofen 800 my doc prescribed with the abortion pill, and I’m thankful that I did. I won’t lie, it wasn’t painless. It felt slightly worse than the worst period cramps I’ve ever had. I ended up taking another ibuprofen 800 much sooner than I was supposed to because I was worried the pain would keep getting worse, and I was just about at my limit. Luckily, after taking that second one everything got easier. There were two waves/gushes of blood that I assumed were most of the pregnancy. Other than that, I bled like a normal period. The bleeding subsided for the most part after a few days, then I just wore panty liners. No complications.

On a personal note, please make sure that you’re making this decision for yourself. Block out the advice from anyone else, and follow YOUR gut. My mom was the sole reason for me getting my abortion, and afterwards I immediately regretted it. If I could go back and change the decision I made, I would. But there’s no turning back from something like this. So for me, personally, it was physically easy but emotionally challenging.

If you’re sure this is a decision you’re making for yourself, don’t be afraid of the process. It’s not as bad as you may be expecting it to be, and you will be okay.

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