Easier than expected?

by OhioAbortion

June 12, 2019

I was 4wks when i found out I was pregnant & 5 weeks 6 days when they said they could do procedure. I took the first pill with the doctor on Tuesday @ 10:30am. Went to class (in med school), woke up Wednesday went to 5 hour lecture class. Got home took my ibuprofen & pain med @5 then an hour later took my nausea medicine & the 4 pills in my cheeks @6. Then 30mins later swallowed what was left (nasty taste) and got my snacks. had a shot and sat on the couch to prepare for what was next. I fell asleep, woke up at midnight & still felt nothing, I was even texting my friend like “girl it’s not working?” Then as soon as I stood up it all poured out after I took a few steps, like I had spilt water on myself! I sat on the toilet and the blood clot just fell out super easy. Still no cramping, heavy bleeding at first but then just period heavy bleeding. I was so confused by how simple it all seemed so I looked up similar stories and came across this one saying her abortion was somewhat easy as well. I’m relieved that’s for sure, even when the clot came out nothing hurt ?!!! Normally I wouldn’t share this it’s my first abortion, I have 5 kids ALL NATURAL NO EPIDURAL and my youngest are twins who aren’t even 6 months old yet! But I’m sharing this cause I’ve had a miscarriage and kinda knew what to expect and was completely shocked with how relatively simple the process was. Not at all as bad as I expected.

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