Don’t Think About the What Ifs

by Sophie

August 5, 2017

Disenfranchised grief.

Finally I found a definition that has described how I was feeling!

A type of grief that is ignored by society, friends and family.

Exactly what I have been going through. Abortions are fucked up. So fucking confusing. If no one acknowledges your grief why the fuck do you feel it.

Every day I get hit by waves of grief that knock me off my feet. Did I made the right decision?


But I know I did. I have so passionate about my study and I know I made the right decision.

Do what is right for you girls.

It is so hard. I won’t lie. It fucking hurts both physically and mentally. But be selfish and make a decision that will benefit you. No matter who is telling you what, it is your body and your decision.

I won’t lie, it’ll bother you for a long time. But live your life and you will show yourself how right you were.

People don’t define your decisions. You make your choices for your reasons. Follow your reasons because they are so valuable.

Don’t think about the what ifs. They don’t mean shit. Live now.

Don’t let anyone tell you you are horrible or awful for making that decision. You’re right.

Love to you all. Xxx

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