When I was 14, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It was bad. I lost 28 pounds in two weeks, my colon nearly ruptured and my only option was emergency surgery to remove my entire colon.

At 15, I was in doctor’s office being told if I got pregnant, I would never pee normally again. I would have to wear diapers. I would need a c-section which meant more scars and time in hospital. Doctors fear mongered my sex life and I was terrified of sex and intimacy for years. I’ve learned over time as I got older that a pregnancy may or may not be high risk due to my colon surgeries but now I also have been diagnosed with adenomyosis and diabetes. I do not want to pass on my health risks to a child. And I am perfectly happy to adopt, foster or be an aunt!

There are a million ways for me to enjoy children and being part of their lives without risking my health or theirs. If I ever got pregnant, I’ve known since the age of 15 that I would need an abortion. It’s health care, not murder. For my health and any potential children who would inherit my health risks.