I was a young mom. 27 years old with two small children and recently separated. I used this time in my life to find myself and pour every ounce of love into my children. I was investing in my career, being the mom I wanted to be, taking chances, experiencing things I didn’t get a chance to when I was younger, and exploring my sexuality. One of these encounters led to an unplanned pregnancy with a man I was casually seeing.

Throughout my life, I’d been fiercely pro-choice. Finding myself in this situation, I realized that this child was not one that I could, or wanted to keep. My loyalty was to my two young children, and the life I was building for us. I realized how truly difficult this decision really is, but ultimately, it was the right one for me. This, I know with absolute certainty.

Despite the fact I knew for sure that the choice that I was making was the right one, it was not one I took lightly. The day of my abortion, I decided not to opt for a general anesthetic, instead opting for the local anesthetics. I wanted to remember the sights around me, the sounds, and the moment. I wanted to remember that my choices had consequences. And at the same time, be grateful that I had the opportunity to make a choice for myself.  Without anybody else’s input. I’m so grateful for the angel of a nurse who held my hand throughout the whole procedure and who understood that my tears were ones of sadness, but mostly ones of relief. An adult choice… that was mine and mine alone.

No one, no one has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body and her life.