by Anonymous

April 8, 2019

At the time, I was 32 and was extremely into having a healthy body. I had stopped birth control at 27 after having been on it for 9 years. I did not find it healthy to be on steroids for such a long time (and still don’t). I really think women should be informed about their cycles and keeping track of fertile days. This was not something I learned about until after the abortion. I never really wanted children all that much and knew that I didn’t want them at the time. I had used condoms and pull out methods since I had researched that it is just as effective when done correctly and I still believe that to be true. The problem is that you can’t always trust your partner no matter how much you want to.

My partner and I had been together for three months and I had just recently broken up with him when I found out I was pregnant. I had told him repeatedly that I didn’t want children and to pull out. When I asked him if he pulled out in time, he said yes. I had broke up with him because I determined that he had lots of mental health issues. Looking back, I believe I was only with him because I was lonely and depressed in my life at the time. My family lives hundreds of miles away and I had trouble making close friends after moving. He had previously had a child who he said was taken wrongfully by CPS. It was only later I found out from others that there may be more to it than he said. I found out he did want to impregnate women, even though he told me he would respect my wishes, he did not. He purposefully didn’t pull out in time and I didn’t find this all out until later. After realizing that I never wanted him in my life and that he would never be able to take care of a child and that maybe he should never be around children because of what happened in the past. At this point, I knew that I would be on my own; no family, no friends, no partner; just me. Not only that, but I wanted any child of mine to have a father; I felt that was very important. Nor did I ever want to be around this psycho person again. One who made up lies about me and told intimate things about me in public.

I did my research and felt that I had no problem with ending a pregnancy in the early stages. I researched fetal development and pain perception and did not see it as a difficult decision. I took the abortion pill at 8 weeks. I had to pay $500 of my own money and go through lots of physical pain for something that was caused by a psycho ex.

Seven months after the abortion, I met a great man who I ended up marrying two year later and am now expecting our first child. When I asked him if he would have dated me if I had just had a baby or was pregnant, he said no. I am still happy with my decision because it has provided me with the life I wanted. A great husband and a child who will have a loving father in his/her life.

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