by Anonymous

April 23, 2021

Content Warning: reproductive coercion, sexual violence

My ex-boyfriend told me he was pulling out and he wasn’t. He ejaculated inside of me without my consent and didn’t confess this to me until after I was pregnant.  I asked him why he would do that and his response was “I was too lazy ” “why does it matter?”  “we were together for so long already”.  we were together for 4 mts when this happened.  I felt beyond betrayed and sick to my stomach that he would inflict this upon me. I didn’t want to get an abortion, but I didn’t think I would be a good mother to a child i didn’t want and forever be stuck with a man i now have begun to hate.  I accept my part for not being on birth control and my negligence.  I consented to sex; I did not consent to him ejaculating inside of me.  I mourn the loss for my child every day, I wish under different circumstances I could have become pregnant.  Impregnating a woman with the intention of “trapping her” is evil.  He put me in an unbearable situation and I’ll never forgive him.  We are no longer together.

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