Choosing not to have a second child

by Sarah

January 6, 2020

I have literally never had a regret for one second about my abortion. At 27 years old I had 15 week old and suddenly was a single parent. My son had developed a few medical conditions. I just knew that I couldn’t be a parent to small humans on my own with increasing medical needs. I remember the day I found out I went to emergency family planning appointment, they gave me an ultrasound and dated the pregnancy at 4 weeks. They made me see a staff nurse for an hour to check I was actually sure what I wanted to do. The staff nurse was great, she said because my son had been in hospital so much they wanted to check that I didn’t actually want to keep the baby but was scared of doing on my own and if I did could they get me support – the amazing NHS – had I chosen to continue they would have got me extra support. I explained this baby would have the same genetic condition and I just didn’t have it in me to parent two children with extra needs. My abortion was arranged within 3 days, with great aftercare, including the offer of speaking to someone if needed. 6 years later it was still the best decision for me and my little boy, I couldn’t be the mum he needs if I had continued that pregnancy.


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