Choosing myself is not selfish

by Anonymous

August 16, 2022

I was 21 and in an off and on relationship for 4 years; it wasn’t a healthy relationship. We were both in school full time and working full time. Schedules were busy and I had missed a couple of birth control pills and became pregnant. The moment the doctor confirmed the positive pregnancy test, I knew what I wanted to do but was scared to say it out loud. I asked them where to go if I didn’t want to keep it and they referred me to Planned Parenthood. My partner at the time said that he would support me no matter what decision I made, and in that moment I told him I want an abortion.  I didn’t want to be pregnant any longer than I had to, so I made an appointment at my local planned parenthood, and I took time off work. It was the weekend before finals week, which was already stressful enough. Thanks to the staff at Planned Parenthood, I felt safe, heard and relieved. Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is a choice that people should have a right to make when it’s their life and their body.

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