Choice of Compassion

by Anonymous

February 28, 2022

Farewell my dear son who I’ll never meet. Your life was early marked for only defeat.

Our family continually learns that life’s simply unfair: your condition, always fatal and incredibly rare.

Though your heart beats and you’ve grown along, the ultrasound shows how many parts of you have gone wrong.

Some might decide to let you go on your time, but I can’t do that my child knowing you will never shine.

To carry you inside only awaiting your demise, or bring you earth side to watch you slowly die. Either option destroys me and that is certainly not wise.

Some will label me cruel names, claim this is black and white.

I wish they’d go quiet and put an end to this unjust fight.

For a mom’s choice for her womb is hers and hers alone.

A decision you can’t possibly imagine unless you’ve been there on your own.

How foolish to think your values affirming that you unequivocally wouldn’t, somehow equals I have no choice, under no circumstance shouldn’t.

There’s a place you will flourish my child, you’ll run, you’ll play and you’ll roam.

Last night God whispered “I love you, daughter, go ahead and bring this one home.”

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