But now I don’t only hear those in need, but I feel them too.

by Audrey

February 8, 2022

It was a barely a week before my 23rd birthday. At the time I had just moved back in with my parents due to financial and personal troubles. I was not in a relationship, and the conception was with my ex. He made it clear that there is only one choice–to abort. I felt differently. I looked at every angle because at the time I was having health issues. I was told it may be difficult for me to get pregnant and I felt this could be a blessing in disguise. And the pregnancy itself made me feel powerful and brought a whole new perspective on life for me. But after much thought, I personally felt that I didn’t want my child to grow up with a father like my ex. He made it clear he wouldn’t be around to help during and after. I also could not financially support it and had some emotional trauma that I had to work through. I personally did not want to bring on the burden that my parents have brought onto me.

It took a few long and very difficult weeks until I could get into a clinic. Although I do miss being pregnant and the idea of bringing a new life into the world- I also know that for me it would have not been as beautiful as it may seem. And at the end of the day I know I made the right choice. For myself and for my unborn. The powerful feeling the pregnancy made me feel, I now use for myself to grow and to one day be prepared for when I become pregnant again. I have always stood by those in need of abortions. But now I don’t only hear those in need, but I feel them too. We are not alone and this is basic healthcare that needs to be accessible to anyone and everyone.

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