I was the result of an unplanned pregnancy as was my mother. I was determined to break this cycle of struggle and only get pregnant when I was ready . After ten years of successfully preventing pregnancy, I messed up at age 28.

My abortion was awful and traumatic because of protestors and an ER visit to rule out ectopic pregnancy post abortion pills at a Catholic hospital in Miami whilst traveling. It was the right choice though, and I got through that period of time. My boyfriend at the time who I had been with only a short time and was not a US citizen, hence the instability,  was nice and loving  and gave me his hotel points to use post ER visit in Miami. I’m now married to that boyfriend, however,  and 10 years later, we have two beautiful children and a wonderful life.

The abortion is a sad memory, but I’m so glad that I’m financially and emotionally stable, own a home and won’t have the same struggles my own mother did and that her mother did. I give the children I have my everything. I’ve done the best I can.