Bitter Sweet but the Best Decision

by Anonymous

November 17, 2020

Almost ten years ago I was involved with a male- I do not recognize that he was a man- who I would later learn was a deadbeat dad to two little girls. In addition to the physical/emotional abuse and prescription drug dependence, he was wanted for violating parole- I know, I picked a winner. It  was during my two year situation that I became pregnant. Fear. This was the emotion I felt. I was not happy, I was not excited. I feared for my life and I feared being involved with this man for the rest of my life/this child’s life. I remember going to Planned Parenthood alone. Sitting in the waiting room alone. Taking that pill alone. There was never regret. After, I continued with the pill, but that would prove ineffective. So now we are pregnant again. Now in addition to fear we have shame. Yes it happened again. No I still want an abortion. So we take another lap around PP.  Alone again. As you would imagine that male and I parted ways (this was a struggle- there was abuse and police were involved)

Fast forward to present day- I am a proud step mamma to an amazing little girl. I sometimes wonder what would have happened had I chosen to keep either pregnancy- then I shake my head. I stand by my decision and I will stand by yours. It’s about choice- period.


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