Better than I expected

by Michelle

July 6, 2020

June 15th 2020, was the scariest day of my life. This was the day I decided to take a pregnancy test because I was 5 days late for my period, I went to the walgreens down the street, and got home and when I took them I was so surprised that the three pregnancy tests that I took were all positive. Now I want to give you guys a little background information about me, I’m 25 years old (just turned it yesterday on june 26th, and this is being published on the 27th) and also I’m married to my wonderful husband for a year this coming september and who I dated for 4 years, now I wasn’t dumb, we would use condoms here and there but we were lazy about birth control and most of the time we just used the pullout method and so far for 4 almost 5 years it had been enough for us and had always been successful, but I’m assuming because my past period was on may 11th, I’m assuming we did it and he didn’t pull out enough when we had sex on my ovulation days, that is the reason why i became pregnant.

So I take the three tests, they were all positive, I freak the fuck out. When my husband gets home, I tell him while I’m balling, he hugs me and tells me its gonna be alright and that with whatever I decide to do he is happy either way whether that means abortion or keeping it. I calm down a little and think long and hard that night. When I got home that night instantly I start getting bad implantation cramps, and they SUCKED, they were worse than my period cramps, and that was when i started thinking to myself “I can’t do this….” so the next morning after barely getting any sleep and losing my appetite I call planned parenthood, I live in western nebraska so I call the one closest to me in Ft collins co,  and I schedule an appointment for a surgical procedure for june 25th, the week after I find out I’m pregnant, and then I start to feel better.

The next week and a half go by in a blur, I’m kinda nervous about the trip there along with the procedure and I just feel like shit from being pregnant with the horrible cramps and the loss of appetite. The morning of the trip to ft collins I get home late at almost 3 am, (we left at 5 am) and I get home wake up my husband and cry because of all my worries, mostly for the side effects that might happen, he tells me it will be ok and I get maybe 30 minutes of sleep. The car ride there is long, like 3 hours long and I’m still really nervous, but when I get there I start to feel better, the staff was really nice, they had me fill out forms, ask medical history, do an ultrasound, find out I’m 6 weeks along, then I talk with a lady about choices I have in the procedure, like pain medicine, sedation etc and its then I feel so much better. I go into the recovery area I take a one time antibiotic before the procedure along with just two high dose ibuprofen and wait 20 minutes, then during the suction abortion they put my feet and legs in stirrups, one lady is doing the procedure with the speculum and one other doctor is holding my hand telling me to breathe and telling me what to expect next, and honestly even though the pain was intense, the whole thing with me being 6 weeks along only took maybe 5 minutes, it was so fast, the pain made me immensely sweaty, dizzy and ears felt plugged but that only lasted two minutes at most while I was in the recovery room, then that wore off and then I just felt strong period cramps and I gotta be honest it was seriously a lot better than I expected, seriously I was so relieved and I didn’t have bad side effects, as I’m writing this it’s the 27th of june 2020, and I feel NORMAL again, have felt normal since after the procedure, I recovered quickly without sedation or hard narcotics, so far I’ve only had slight cramps and some brown spotting but that’s it, I have an appetite again and I can live my life again and I can look forward to the future plus I only paid $500 out of pocket for the whole appointment, that’s way cheaper than going to the hospital where I live for one prenatal care checkup, plus the planned parenthood clinic I went to was so nice especially their bathrooms they were so pretty, it really wasn’t a bad experience and I can’t wait to get my next period, I’m definitely going to force my husband to use condoms and I’m going on a long term IUD.

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