Being Trans & Needing an Abortion

by Masen

April 7, 2019

I’m non-binary/trans masculine (I use they/them and he/him pronouns) and have multiple incurable chronic illnesses, along with severe gender dysphoria. Getting an abortion was life-saving for me. I probably wouldn’t have made it to 9 months (because of my mental and physical health issues). It’s so important for cis people to understand that not everyone with a uterus is a woman, and so many trans men & non-binary trans people who get pregnant unexpectedly can’t keep it, for the sake of their own mental health. Thinking about being pregnant is dysphoria-inducing on its own, but actually being pregnant is another thing entirely. It was so hard for me to wait a couple of days for my appointment. Because of what i went through, I hope to one day start an organization that raises money specifically for trans folks who need abortions as soon as possible. There are financial aid organizations specifically for women who need abortions, and as far as I know, there are none which currently exist just for trans folks with wombs. I hope to never go through this again, but I hope sharing my story helps people understand that trans people with uteruses can end up needing abortions, too. Not all of us medically transition— either because we don’t want to or because we can’t, due to medical, legal, and/or financial restrictions. Many of us are just as affected by strict abortion and birth control laws 🙁 To any fellow trans folks out there, who are considering an abortion or need one: This WILL pass. It will not last forever. Your body dysphoria won’t always be this bad! Make whichever decision is best for YOU. And if you feel like keeping it will make you suicidal or jeopardize your mental well-being, just know that it is okay to put yourself first, in this situation. You are a valuable, strong, important member of our community, and we need you!!!

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