Being honest about how it feels

by anonymous

February 8, 2022

i was 17 and fully expected the test to be negative but when it was positive the pressure from my boyfriend was all i felt. i knew i didn’t want to let a baby go but i felt like i had no other options. i didn’t want him to be the father i didn’t want to be dependent on my mother and my morning sickness was severe i would’ve gone to the hospital had my appointment not been scheduled. i fell into a deep depression afterwards everything felt heavier. time has helped but i still grieve every single day. it was the right decision but regret creeps in sometimes. i told my baby i was so sorry i couldn’t bring them into the world right then but that someday they’d be here again and i would. i think about that all the time and i can’t wait to meet them. this isn’t supposed to be a sad story just an honest one. i haven’t been honest about it before.

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