Awareness Without Shame

by Lindsay

May 28, 2017

In high school my best friend had an abortion when they were 15. I remember being there when she took the pregnancy test in my downstairs bathroom. I don’t know why she trusted me, and I remember thinking about how I would support whatever decision they made, but I silently hoped they would choose an abortion. I was 16, they were 15, we had barely been educated on sex, childbirth, child caring, etc. (Which is still lacking in today’s society. This was in 1995!)


I remember the look on their face when they opened the door, it was pale and sweaty, pensive and sad. Our parents are middle class, white folks, religious, and Midwestern. Their partner was not having it, and they were very agitated, they blamed her.

We were very young and scared. We decided to tell her parents. They supported her decision to have an abortion, but to this very day it is still a secret. They were very adamant on us telling no one. Both her parents and partner took over from there and I stepped back, in total understanding. They went with her to have the abortion, and helped her with aftercare.


They went to Planned Parenthood. Which was the only place I had every received any reproductive and sex education, and to this day I am STD free and childless.


Thank you SYA for raising awareness without shame. We appreciate what and how you choose to advocate.


Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!