At Peace

by Kristin B

November 21, 2022

I was 28 and happily married for four years. I thought it would take awhile to get pregnant, as I had been told it took awhile for my mom to get pregnant. Surprise, surprise I was pregnant within 2 weeks of having my IUD removed. I was shocked when I read the at home pregnancy test and thought I’d feel excited. Instead, I experienced a sense of dread and stress. I thought I wanted to get pregnant but now that I was, I was terrified. I didn’t feel ready and just wanted to have it taken out of me. I felt like people wouldn’t understand my desire to have an abortion because I am a professional, financially stable and happily married. Once I made the appointment, I felt relief. My husband was supportive and felt that it was truly my decision. After I had the medical abortion, I felt empowered and have since helped support other women in similar situations make whatever decision is right for them. I have zero regrets and have since become a mother to a beautiful daughter.

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