As soon as I saw the positive test I knew this was what I wanted.

by Anonymous

October 8, 2021

I am 31, single and enjoy casual sex. I had a one night stand, condom broke and amongst night shifts in emergency forgot to take the emergency contraceptive, also never thought I could get pregnant due to Gynae issues. I found out at about seven weeks after symptoms worried me.

If I was in Texas I would be screwed but I live in another country that has decriminalised abortion in my state this year (about time).

I had my abortion two days ago and had a fantastic experience with both the service and the abortion. I was nine weeks on the day.

It never felt like a choice. Kids aren’t in my plan for my future. Ever. They never were.

As soon as I saw the positive test I knew this was what I wanted.

The father never knew and I will never see him again.

The surge of hormones afterwards made me feel a little weepy, I’ve had some cramping and bleeding but otherwise I’m doing ok.

Waiting to see if I regret it, maybe I will maybe I won’t I don’t know but I know 100% I made the right decision. I never doubted that. It wasn’t easy to do I’m not going to lie being surrounded by pregnant friends and those struggling with fertility made it harder to go through it but it was always the right decision for me.

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