An easy decision

by Anonymous

November 21, 2022

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant. We got pregnant and my first few doctor visits were fine. I went for the 16 week check up and had an ultrasound. The ultrasound technician could not find a fetal heartbeat. She said the fetus had stopped developing and based on the size of the fetus, it had probably stopped developing at 14 weeks, two weeks prior. I didn’t even know. I met with the doctor and she said I had two options. I could go to the hospital and have labor induced and deliver the fetus or I could have a D&E, an abortion procedure. I chose the D&E because I didn’t think I should have to go through labor and delivery to deliver a stillborn fetus. That is not something I could have easily handled, emotionally. It was much easier for me to have a D&E and not go through the experience and process of delivering a stillborn fetus.

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