An easy choice for me

by Anonymous

January 19, 2021

I was 19, and my new partner at the time was lying about being infertile. Very quickly I became pregnant. For me, it was an easy choice. I did not want to have a child, let alone with this person who had been lying to me. For me, it was not a tough choice, it was an instant thought. I had never met anyone who had an abortion, and I was feeling alone. I joined a online forum where I could read the stories of others, and started to feel more comfortable. I am so glad that a community like the one that brought me comfort exists now on a larger scale! I never had one ounce of guilt, no second guessing, I knew it was the right choice for me, and years later I still have no regrets. The laws surrounding it in my state made me wait a week for the procedure after my first appointment. They told me this list of items that was also required by the state about the size, heart beat etc. I know it’s meant for fear mongering, and manipulation, but it still didn’t make me even think to change my mind. That week was the worst week of my life I felt trapped, anxious, like something did not belong. I wish the laws were different. I was suffering, During this week I tried many things to end the pregnancy to avoid feeling the way I did, and nothing worked. I made it to the procedure and it was quick and painless for me. After, I felt instant relief and I felt free. Free from the burden of having a child whom I could not afford, nor have the capability to care for and free from my partner who had done all of these horrible things to me. Abortion needs to be more easily accessible, free, and not be micromanaged by the state. Abortion can be an easy choice, and there should be no guilt within that.

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