An already extremely difficult situation

by Anonymous

May 26, 2022

I’d like to share my story. I had an abortion last year in December. I live in Texas, so I had to travel (I’m a perfect example of a post roe world) My now husband and I had an unplanned but welcomed pregnancy. When I was 19 weeks my water completely broke and I now know I have an incompetent cervix. My doctors said the baby had a slim to none chance of survival without amniotic fluid and I was at risk of severe bleeding or going septic. We were terrified and completely heartbroken. Texas doctors could not intervene in anyway until I was actively sick, no other illness do we wait and see how sick someone can get before intervening even though the doctors knew our child had little to no chance of survival, and even if they did their lungs would be underdeveloped and they would be severely handicapped. I didn’t want that for my family or for a child. I had to make quick decisions and decided to get on a plane to another state (during a medical crisis!) to terminate my pregnancy.

An already extremely difficult situation had an added layer of trauma to it directly as a result from decisions made by lawmakers and not medical professionals.

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