An abortion in this day and age as a 19 year old immigrant

by Anonymous

November 17, 2020

I had my abortion 4 weeks ago and tonight is the election. I’m an immigrant so I cannot vote, but to those who can and will and even have, having an abortion was a decision that saved my life. I lost something that will stay with me forever, especially today. I have been able to exercise a gift others can only dream to have, and I’m so thankful, which is wrong. A choice shouldn’t be something to be thankful for. But every day I smile I believe it is a win, and every day I survive is a day I am thankful for. Others don’t have to agree with my choice, but as an immigrant, to have a choice in this political climate is amazing, and as awful as this sounds I am thankful. I look forward to a day where abortions are not looked down upon but accepted as strength. To have an abortion is a choice, and to make a decision shows strength. Times may be hard, but our choice is ours and I stand by all women whether a 19year old immigrant or not. I will live with this forever, but I am lucky enough to have friends who support me, and I look to a day where this idea of me being lucky isn’t luck anymore, but a day of decision and respect.

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