Already knew what we would do if the test was positive…

by Anonymous

June 9, 2021

Not really an abortion story, but one I feel needs to be shared more often…

I’m 14, I just got into a relationship about two months ago with my girlfriend, who is trans (mtf), long story shore we’re sexually active lol.

Neither of us want kids and we knew this long before we started dating, we’ve known each other a few years before we started dating, so when my period was late and I started experiencing symptoms that could have been caused by pregnancy, we were both freaked out, we’re waaaaay too young to have a baby! One day while I was staying at her place, we snuck out to town and bought a pregnancy test, and we were both so anxious on the way back.

We already knew what we would do if the test was positive, that was abortion, luckily, the test was negative, and we’re both being much more cautious about sex now. Like I mentioned, not an abortion story but one I feel should be shared more often for all my teen girls and others who have a uterus out there.

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