Access to safe abortion is important or we wouldnt be asking for it

by Anonymous

January 7, 2022

I wrote in a few months ago about the abortion I had at 29, how it was completely the right choice for me and that while it was sad at the time, that I don’t regret it at all. I’m still excited to be a parent when the time is right! That being said, as I’ve been processing my experience, and observing this fight for and against access to safe abortions I’ve become increasingly upset and traumatized by the efforts to control and ban access to abortion care.

I feel like part of the conversation that isn’t being had in public, is that abortions can be really sad, really confusing, traumatic physically and emotionally, and that people generally don’t choose to have them if it’s not FOR A GOOD REASON.  If someone is choosing to go through a medical procedure, that is costly, confusing, emotional, and politically charged, its probably for a damn good reason! This narrative that people are just doing this casually without consideration, thats being described on the anti-choice side is harmful and incorrect.

It’s BECAUSE abortions are a big deal, that we need to make sure we have access to them.  It’s BECAUSE abortions are necessary, that we ask for them. It’s BECAUSE abortions are difficult, that we need to be able to have open dialogue, not feel ashamed, and be able to access them in a way that causes the least amount of physical, mental, and social stress.

People don’t get abortions for no reason, we get them because we have to, because the choice to keep it would lead to more harm than not keeping it would.  Generally we are biologically wired to avoid mental, physical, and emotional stress. So if I say I need an abortion, if I say it’s the best choice for me regardless of the feelings and logistics associated with getting an abortion, then I need one and as a human in this world I deserve to get one.

Like if you needed to get a vasectomy, because it was medically, financially, socially, and emotionally imperative for you to do so…. I would COMPLETELY support that!!!!

Thank you for letting me rant.  Getting an abortion was a really hard choice that had physical and emotional consequences for me, but regardless it was still THE RIGHT CHOICE.  It wasn’t casual for me, it wasn’t fun, and it has effected my life negatively in some ways. That being said, none of those negative effects compare to how my life would’ve been impacted if i’d kept the fetus, or how hard of a time that child would have had if I’d been forced to keep it.


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