Abortions in college

by Anonymous

November 8, 2021

I was 21 when I had my first abortion, it was really scary for me. At the time I had a casual boyfriend, we had been dating for a month or so.

He was OK with me being pregnant and was absolutely ready to support me throughout everything. but I wasn’t ready so I told him immediately I want to get an abortion.

I am in med school and it is extremely hard to focus on school and focus on a child as well. I was thinking about my future and having a child at the time just didn’t seem to fit right.

So I went on with the plan luckily enough I live in an area where abortion is easily accessible and practiced very safely.

Fast forward two years later I got pregnant again with this boyfriend of mine. We’ve been dating for one year. I found out when I was five weeks in so I went to the hospital as soon as possible and got the medical care that I needed.

Yes I’ve had two abortions and I’m not ashamed because it was right at the time for me. And I will do it again until I can be able to support a child’s life in this world.

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