Abortion Saved My Life

by Sylvia

July 26, 2021

I never thought I could become pregnant. When I was younger, I pictured myself having children, but was also in committed and loving relationships. When I actually did become pregnant, it was with somebody I had met the day before and had no real connection to, nor wanted to be tied to for the rest of my life. I struggled for two months with my decision, but at 15 and a half weeks, I got a surgical abortion. Was it a hard decision to make? Absolutely.  I tried making pro/con lists, but how do you weigh “the love of a tiny human” against “financial burden”? Ultimately, I realized that I was not finished with being the number one priority in my own life. I had just stabilized my mental health after experiencing extensive grief and PTSD, gotten on medication, was seeing a therapist- I felt like my life was just beginning, and it was not the time to bring a child into my world. Do I want kids some day? Maybe, maybe not. For right now, I am getting healthier and happier every day, and am so grateful to live in a place where I had access to affordable and adequate healthcare to get my procedure done. My due date was February 26, 2021, and I got a tattoo of the birth stone and flower to honor my little one that I could not have here on this earth. I have no regrets, but I do grieve. And that’s okay. You can grieve something that was the right decision. I will continue to shout my abortion to let other individuals now that its OK to have an abortion if it’s the right choice for you. Because that’s just it, it’s YOUR CHOICE!

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