Abortion saved me a life of misery

by Anonymous

July 12, 2021

I was 20 in a Muslim Arab relationship. The man I was with was from Saudi Arabia, and I was Arab western. From a western country. I wanted to marry him beyond all measures. He didn’t want to marry me. We had a tumultuous relationship. We broke up for 3 months. He then came begging me back. The weekend he came back into my life we got pregnant. I flipped out when I realized. It was traumatic. He didn’t want the baby. He was only 23 years old. I was barely 20. So we got an abortion.

I suffered emotionally from this decision because I never felt line it was my decision to make. Fast forward 20 years later. I see how he is in social media. He is a divorced father of two. He cheated on his “perfect,” Arab wife with a European nurse. He is a dead beat dad, and she hates him. God saved me from this. I would have been a western Arab dealing with a dead beat Saudi man, considering the laws in Saudi Arabia. I would be a mom without her children. He would have had the law on his side. I made the best decision, and I am grateful for the fact that I could have an abortion in my country.

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